Why online money making so difficult?

Some guys asking me this question. It is a very common question. Why money making online is so hard? Well. I am going to write something about this. Firstly, you should know that money making is not an easy process. Online or offline no matters.

money making

While making money you have to focus on right point. You have to focus on right path. There are thousands of money making ways on online. Generally a news earners try to get involve with as much ways as he can.

You can make million dollar by only one way also you can make million dollar producing one dollar from million ways.

Focus on one way. Select the path. And put all your efforts on it. Don’t do random works on different money making ways. Be a slow walker but never walk back.


Last Tip- Easily you can make 500$ simply by Cashcrate. It is simple like hell.

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MYBLOGGUEST spring contest! Win 500$!

MYBLOGGUEST; the guest blogging help site has a WordPress Plugin. This Plugin is for WordPress hosted blog for easy offering and publishing guest articles. MYBLOGGUEST’s new contest is about this plugin. You have to use this plugin to win in this contest. The more you publish articles using this plugin, the more your chance of win will increase.

So here the main points

1. You have to register first with MBG.

2. Add your WordPress hosted blog on Myblogguest.

3. Download the Plugin.

4. Install it and start using it.


The prizes are:

Best Publisher or most active publisher prize- The one who will publish more content from MBG using plugin- 500$

Best interacter- The one who interact more on his published guest post-500$.

Best Promoter- The blogger who will promote more about the contest-300$

Editor’s choice- This will chosen by Editor.– 300$

You can more about contest and prize from Myblogguest’s official blog.


Using MBG articles Good or Harmful for your website?

In a article few months ago i mentioned some points why i suggest all bloggers to use MBG. There are some other points too. Mostly MBG articles are fresh. But as a blogger or webmaster you always be aware. And whenever you see any wrong things you should contact with the moderators about that. MBG articles will not do any harm to your site if you spread this article all over after publishing in your blogs. Your duty is to spread the link and attracts traffic for the content. Also while publishing guest post don’t compromise with quality.

Article gallery system of MBG is good for this. You can choose your articles. Even You can see which links you are connecting through your blog. This is a very big advantage.

So actually i don’t think it bad. You can publish guest posts from MBG frequently in your blog.


Best of luck for the contest. And remember, the contest will end on 6 May,2013.


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Why Social Media Marketing important for You?

Social media marketing is the best way to spread your business through internet. Social media optimization can help you in various aspects. You can Promote Your business through Social media. But now Social networking world is becoming critical day by day. So you have to aware about online cyber world safety and you have to remember some important things while engaging with today’s social media world.

You can Promote your Brand through Social media. But for this you have to use social media wisely. Recently we see many spammers in social media world. And it is true that users never like spammers. So if you really promote your brand through social media you have to know some core things to promote and work according to the advice of social media analyzers.

And if you want to promote your small business on social media there also some Tips about You. It is very important for small business owners to work carefully because huge business owners can get more spaces to work with but they will not. There are many articles about this topics.Best use of social media for your small business can flourish your business and can show you some drastic changes within few days.

To engage in social media for business purposes or any other purposes you have to prepare yourself mentally. There are some more stress on these sites. You have to know how to relieve facebook related stress. This is very much important for you. If you can’t relieve Social media related stress it will become a curse for you. So take it seriously from now.

Which Social media is Best For you?

It’s upon you. There is No specific answer of this question. You have to think which will be good for you. On which platform You can do your work more smoothly. Choosing social media platform is the most critical situation for anyone. Most of the social media marketers, Social media analyzers recommends Facebook, Twitter, Google+. StumbleUpon, Linkedin, Pinterest etc site.

Among these Facebook is very popular both for use and Social media marketing. There are a lot of helpful options for small business owners in this platforms. Like

Facebook Groups:

One of the best things. In groups you can promote your new product. You can communicate with your customers and clients.

Facebook Pages

This is very good for promoting your Brand. Like groups here also you can promote your product, do communicate with your customers and clients. You can Add you company’s pictures,logo, video etc on pages and groups.

Besides Facebook You can use Youtube for video marketing. Youtube is popular video sharing site and it is one of the best site for social media marketing.

You can use Twitter, the popular micro blogging site. You can update your tweets to spread your recent informations with your clients and Fans.

StumbleUpon, Pinterest is great for sharing Your website and sharing info’s of your priducts. Pinterest is a new image sharing site. It is now one of the best social media site with a lot of traffic from all around the world. In USA it is in the third position on generating traffic. So pinterest will a great site for you.

Social media Marketing can change your Business into a profitable look. So engage social media for your Business.

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